When life gives you a front row parking spot at Starbucks, take it and order a chai latte, to stay. Whip out your iPad and keyboard and expect creativity to flow while Cindy Lauper serenades the cafe.

Finding me here in this place where I first appeared two months ago is refreshing. I wrote down thoughts back then that are stored somewhere else on this device. Today my thoughts go to where I have come since that time. My confidence at work has certainly grown. My confidence in maneuvering around this city is also blooming. My confidence in how I go at it alone, well, it is still lacking. Or maybe not. I am here after all.

Drink Up

Sip the chai. Delicious. Taste life. It is also good. Look out onto this blue sky day. It is beautiful. Sip. Taste. Look. All that is in front of me is there for me to leap into or ignore.

Strangers saunter in the door, arms crossed, except for those dotting their smart phones. All of them come here for the kick-start to their days, like me. Sip. Vroom. Go, and listen to these messages my brain is feeding me. Taste them. They are good. In good order they can also be beautiful.

Write Down

Delete a few words in the paragraph above — they weren’t that good — and come down here to continue. I look out and see my little red car happily parked right outside the door, waiting for me to drive away into the rest of this day.

Sip the chai. Say hi with a nod to the stranger who walks in looking worried about something. Is that a flashback of me before my tea?

Get Going

I jump into my saftey net, the keyboard catches me and words bounce up to announce to me that this day is good. The chai. My life. All that is in front of me.