About Me

I’m lisa marlin

I’m passionate about writing. Like, over-the-top crazy when my fingers tap the keyboard. My confession about being a word addict once won me a coveted page in Writer’s Digest.

My Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Texas landed me a TV reporter/anchor job in West Texas. As amazing as that was, the lure of a marketing role in Dallas afforded me even more writing opportunities. Later, I traded low-altitude living for the Rocky Mountains where I have continued my writing career.

Outside of strategically stringing words into stories, I love the spectacular mountain view from my front porch every single sunshiny day. Better yet, in less than an hour, I can step into that view and set up camp with my rescue pup by my side. I’ve also found that words flow freely in that kind of environment so I always pack my laptop to capture them.

Check out my portfolio here.

“Everyone has a story, but not everyone can tell a story. That’s where I come in.”

My Skills

My professional and personal work has been published in local and national newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. Additionally, I am highly proficient in developing and managing Web pages, direct mail and email campaigns, blog posts, and social media content.

Let me help tell your story.