I like this day. I really do. Forget that I could not sleep very well last night because of it. I am waking up to it now, almost ready to grab it by its hands that circle around the clock in my kitchen. First, I grab my second cup of coffee. And then I head into my home office.

From this swiveling chair, I lock my gaze on the page where letters appear that merge into words that trail into these sentences. The end is near. As long as I keep typing. No, even if I don’t. 2015 will shut down at midnight, regardless of anything I do.

2016 will take over in the next tick. Talk to me, Muse, in these final hours that I have left to accomplish all the writing goals I set 365 days ago. Congratulate me because I did finish a novel and even showed its first pages to an agent. I did begin the never-ending process of revising. I joined a writer’s critique group. I posted to my blog more than most years. I earned money for writing. I invested money for better writing.

I, I, I – I’ve done a lot and yet I’ve got so much more to do. So much for resting on my laurels – my goodness, no. There can be no rest if I want to best what I did this year next year. And I do want that, beginning tomorrow and starting today.

I go to refill my coffee and see the clock advance, its hands beckoning me to dance. Letters bow, words curtsy and stories twirl by. I grab on this time.

I like this day. I really do.