Today, Thursday, November 19, 2015, is the American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout where tobacco users across the country are encouraged to kick the habit. I am inspired to join in, though since I do not smoke, I plan to kick something else: Not taking care of myself. I’m kicking that bad habit to the curb.

Today I resolve to give up 1) not exercising AND 2) not eating right. In place of these, I will exercise and I will make wise food choices.

And, should I stick to my uniquely crafted Great American Smokeout pledge, there is no doubt that soon I will be smoking…as in smoking hot! Ouch!


Author’s further explanation: I do not laugh at the great task ahead of those who are making the life-changing commitment today to give it a go and stop using tobacco products. Applause to all who choose this day to trade in any addictive behavior for a productive one!